The Secret in Her Eyes | Roman Gulman

                            “She paints her face to hide her face. Her eyes are deep water.”

― Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha.

In Gulman’s art, you can see how people’s day-to-day reality is reflected in their slightly exposed human nature. His works are not a criticism of reality or a creation of a new one, but rather a study or reflection on human nature. In his paintings, we get a peek into the wide spectrum of feelings and characters that sweep us into a wondrous journey of feelings and senses.

Roman Gulman was born in Ukraine, Kiev. He studied art throughout his childhood and young adult years. He later moved to Israel where he continued his studies in art and design at the Askola College of Design. Thereafter, he began working as a graphic designer and art director at various companies. He designed some of the leading brands and product designs for major Israeli companies.

Since 2015, Gulman has returned to focusing all of his attention on his fine art. His paintings take their influence from his childhood passion for French impressionist art and Eastern European influences.

Art Curator: Mor Belizovski