American Dream | Jack Daly

                          The British photographer’s take on the broken American Dream, Hollywood glamour meets political hysteria in Jack Daly’s LA series. After moving from rural England to LA, Jack Daly has been fascinated by by the individuals he’s met along the way, or observed through mainstream media.

“I grew up with American accents dominating most of the movies I watched, so it was quite interesting heading straight to Hollywood and observing it all. There’s some pieces about stereotypical LA and the US in general, as well as some that were just documenting experiences with people I’ve met. I like to keep most of my work spontaneous and low key, I’m not a very technical photographer so my photos are traces of things I’ve done, usually with just me and the subject rather than 10 people behind camera and tons of Photoshop. The US is also going through some sort of election, so I made a few pieces with my naïve British viewpoint on the whole thing,” says Daly.

Through his photography, Jack Daly skillfully captures the essence of the American Dream while embracing a critical message of “Make America Love Again.” Beyond the surface, Daly’s work carries a powerful critique, urging for a rekindling of love and empathy within American society. By skillfully combining the celebration of the American Dream with the call for love, Daly’s photography serves as a thought-provoking medium that challenges societal divisions and inspires to change.

Art curator: Mor Belizovski