Installation Shots


La Primavera | Nemo Jantzen

                            Nemo Janzen’s new collection tells the story of blossoming & femininity, La Primavera. By collecting small images and organizing them, the artist embeds a handmade resin spheres details.

After collecting thousands of images and organizing them by theme and color, Nemo Jantzen embeds them in small handmade resin spheres. Jantzen then joins dozens of the spheres together to create large scale mixed media photographic portraits. The work requires and inspires viewers to constantly investigate their perspective through the interplay of walking up close and standing at a distance.

Part of Jantzen’s intent seems to be bringing awareness to viewers of how individual perception is influenced by mass media messaging, “We sometimes get bombarded by so much information that we lose sight of “the big picture”.

Art curator: Mor Belizovski