Installation Shots


ZK Gallery presents Assimilation, a solo exhibition by artist Liliane Danino. Danino views art as “a language made up of vibrations.” Her passionate commitment to both creating and studying art has led her to teaching, producing set designs, working as a theatrical make-up artist, and making special effects for film productions.

Over time, Liliane’s work has included sphere of interests that embrace different forms of expression, and she has used the enriching experience of international travel to expand her already dynamic, compelling artistic voice. The characters she has met, and also the places she has seen, have amplified her vision of a colorful, complex orientation. An orientation that calls to mind works of explorers from generations past. Danino’s watercolor figure drawings represent the human form in various shapes and postures. These pieces are infused with an airiness and elegance that radiates harmonious perfection. Her tradition-driven approach demonstrates a playfulness through lines and curves, resulting in accomplished depictions of figurative movement.

Assimilation will debut Danino’s new works. Her series of large portraits of women’s faces, protected by heartwarming headdresses, composed from glued and pigmented fabric, make us wonder silently through their large moist, sensitive and mindful eyes.

Opening Reception – Thursday, Septemeber 18th at 6:00pm – 9:00pm