Installation Shots


Carpe Diem | Christian Carlini

                           Self-taught, Carlini has always shown his pictorial ability. The hyper-realism works, oil on canvas, are a result of a deep conceptual expression, a reflection of the concept of turbo-emotion of our time, of liquid and instant emotion, the spoon to interpret the Carpe Diem.

Carpe Diem is taken from the Roman poet Horace’s Odes. It was written over 2,000 years ago and means Seize the Day.

In an attempt to grasp the concept of the hedonism of today, Carlini presents works at the ZK gallery and tries to answer what in the culture of the contemporary time symbolizes the passing of time. By connecting to traditions from the Renaissance in the history of art, by describing a still life of things that will decay and die, to remind the viewer that nothing is eternal. In his colorful and lively works, Carlini describes foods such as dripping ice cream or lustful grapes, which are seen in our daily lives and connect to the age-old tradition.

Art curator: Mor Belizovski