Installation Shots



Behind the Camera Lens | Yael Shachar

                            Yael Shachar is an interdisciplinary artist working mostly with photography and documentary cinema. The way Shachar captures the characters through the camera lens is her way of telling the story of the people she photographs. The flirting, the eye meeting the lens, the look is sometimes direct and sometimes shy, but there is always a dialogue between her, standing behind the camera, to the people whose story she poetically unfolds through her photographs.

” I attempt to capture the abnormalities that occur within known conventions that are an inherent part of the immediate surroundings.” – Yael Shachar

According to Shachar, the way for her to generate a conversation through her work is not just by connecting with the subjects she photographs, it’s also by considering how the audience who makes eye contact with the subject while observing her works. That is how she brings recognition to those who we sometimes avoid. With the power of presence, she asks us not to pass by and to notice the unseen.

At ZK we love to think of how Shachar depicted herself in the 1997 self-portrait, as her eye and the eye of her camera lens merging.

Art Curator: Mor Belizovski