Selected Works

Silvio Porzionato was born in Moncalieri, Italy in 1971. He is a figurative oil painter who is known for his larger than life sized portraiture. All of his paintings are based off of photographs of friends and people he meets on the street. His figures are depicted in statuary close-up, with emotional realness and depth. Although ordinary people, they have the power to make us forget the typical private dimensions of the portrait and at the same time, they have the power to become icons of the human race. Porzionato’s use of a wide range of contrasting colors helps him to create paintings that depict reflections of man and woman and the flow of time.

When Silvio graduated from art school, he immediately became the head designer for an important Italian company. After a decade, he decided to start a new life in the silence of the countryside, living and working closely with nature and art, simultaneously gaining notoriety as an artist.

Porzionato began exhibiting his art in 2007, that same year he was selected to exhibit at the Arte Mandadori in Italy. Just a couple years later in 2010 he was selected as the critics’ prize winner at Saluzzo Art, that same year he was commissioned by the Museum of Urban Art in Turin for a permanent work of art. In 2011 he was selected for the 54th Venice Biennale, exposing both the Pavilion regional Italian Pavilion in Turin, Sala Nervi. In 2013 he realized three installations named “Temporal Code” composed by 112 paintings for the MACS (Museum of Contemporary Art in Sicily), almost a gallery of mirrors that reflected the different ages of man from childhood to old age: each portrait has the same intensity and significance. In addition to his numerous awards and honors following his quick rise to artistic notoriety Porzionato has had his art displayed in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world, and has continued to be commissioned for many more works and series. His most recent exhibitions were held in Hong Kong, Miami, Chicago, London, Paris, Bogotá, New York, Seoul and Istanbul.

His artworks are held in private collections, galleries and museums in Italy in: Parma, Aosta, Milan, Faenza, Nonantola, Reggio Emilia, Castel San Pietro, Palazzo Strozzi Florence, Ancona, Erice, Venice Biennale, Bari, Polignano Mare, Salerno, Cuneo, Massa Carrara, Rome, Bologna, Gubbio, Parma, Pecci Prato Museum, San Felice sul Panaro, and abroad in London, Great Britain Antibes, France, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Mulhacher, St Peter Lübeck, Germany, DubrovniK, Croatia, Piran, Slovenia, Miami, Florida, USA,  Bogotá, Colombia,  Istanbul, Turkey, Chicago, IL, USA, San Francisco, California, USA and Hong Kong.

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