Selected Works

Philippe Pasqua, born in Grasse in 1965, is an autodidact artist-painter and sculptor. Inspired by Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, he progressively made his way to become one of the major artists of his generation. His Art works impress, shake up and fascinate. His first exhibition takes place in 1990 at the Espace Confluence in Paris. He organizes numerous solo exhibitions, takes part in various events around the world (Singapore, Hong Kong, Moscow, London, Taiwan…) and in 2010, he decides to permanently exhibit his work in The Storage, a gallery situated in Saint-Ouen l’Aumône combining an exhibition area, storage rooms, a sculpture garden and a place for art collectors, contemporary art lovers and professional to immerse in Pasqua’s art world.

Pasqua paints in layers composed of material, tasks, serifs, crosses or unbound buttons. Patiently, daily, he works in the morning, where his paintings steadily came to life. He works alone in his studio and has adopted a unique approach: the observation of the world through photos of models in large frame plan and low angle shots.

His subjects range from prostitutes, transvestites, the blind, those with Down syndrome, and even people leaving the operating room. He chooses to paint these people because during his lifetime Philippe felt strong emotions when interacting or being close to these people, and the experiences moved him. Pasqua also draws with graphite. His drawings consist of faces and bodies, which may display a halo, mist, smoke, as well as vibrations. To complete these unique drawings, he does not add, but rather subtracts traits that he carries out first. For this, Philippe utilizes erasers and cloth as unconventional tools. In contrast to his distinctive paintings, Pasqua’s penciled works pay much more attention to shape, texture and contour. A defining characteristic of these pieces is that they are centered on a white background.

Pasqua covers several techniques in his work: painting, drawing and, more recently, sculpture. In 2010, he designed “The Storage,” a space dedicated to personal but also collective artistic experiments. This place is comparable to a laboratory or museum, where Philippe develops a range of breathtaking work.