Selected Works

O Gringo, aka Bastien Tomasini, is a contemporary mix media artist born in 1988 in Nice on the French Riviera. Throughout his travels, he discovered a passion for preserving the memory of iconic places, magnificent settings, and historical pieces. He draws inspiration from the ancestral tradition of Azulejos, those small hand-painted enameled tiles that adorn the facades and interiors of Mediterranean buildings. O Gringo’s mosaics incorporate the patterns he encounters during his various expeditions in the land of Azulejos, revealing fragments of his history. He often employs the human body as a canvas to express his art, weaving tales of love in which spiritual evocation, history, and modernity converge.

O Gringo’s artistic process always begins with thorough historical research, during which he carefully selects titles for his works to tell meaningful stories and convey emotions through his art. He immerses himself in historical locations that inspire him, such as the splendid National Azulejo Museum in Lisbon, where he memorizes every detail he uncovers on the walls to graphically and historically enrich his love story.