Selected Works

Born in 1948 in Alma Ata, Kazakhstan, Misha Rapoport graduated from the Art Academy of Tashkent in 1972, after which he returned to Alma Ata where he gained official status as a sculptor. He created several works commissioned in various exhibitions by the authorities and the Kazakhstan Museum purchased three figurative sculptures executed in Bronze.

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In 1990 Rapoport decided to immigrate to Israel where quickly began showcasing his work.

“Misha Rapoport is attracted to the metaphoric aspects of images, the poetry of figurative constructs, the picturesque allusions of the subjective form and the ambiguity of them all. In his work the person is a fact, a document of life. With supreme accuracy he paints a face, a figure and its clothes. The setting however, is conjured up in the artist’s imagination. Sometimes it is the realism of a slum or a deserted corner of a city and sometimes it is a metaphysical abstraction. Each chosen combination evokes the feeling of the reality and strangeness
of existence” – 
Bayan Barmakulov