Selected Works

Michal Fuhrer, born in Tel Aviv, Israel, is an artist who has worked in many fields of art since 1984. Michal began her art studies at Tel Aviv University, where she studied philosophy, cinema and television. After graduating she studied sculpture, sketching and art at the Academy of Art Beit Berl and at Basis Academy of Art. Today, Michal continues her work from her own studio. Her work focuses mainly on subjects connected to relationships: Human relations and issues of the quality of the environment.

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Fuhrer works with subjects related to the relationships between man and himself; and mankind and his surroundings. Her work develops from her desire for intimacy and closeness, a longing for a relationship that enables a secure and protected place, which allows for satisfaction and enjoyment – and allows us to be who we are and to be accepted for who we are. Her sculptures draw the viewer into an intimacy of humor mixed with pain, as well as the two parts of a whole which is represented by the missing piece.

“In life, we face dilemmas and decisions. Thoughts and dilemmas that haunt us day and night. At the end of the day after all the mental exertion and emotional and intellectual efforts, we have to decide. Decision. What a small word with a challenging meaning. My pudgy little man is in a position of jumping, he puts a bathing cap and goggles: meaning he is prepared to jump into the deep water. We see that finally, he jumps to a puddle, which does not justify the preparations. In prolonged observation, you can see a small smile upon his face. Despite his frustration and disappointment, he continues to smile. He knows that the puddle is the path to his bigger dreams.

– Michal Fuhrer