Selected Works

Based in Sydney, Martine Vanderspuy translates her love of the sea through pigmented layers of resin. Vanderspuy is determined to capture the ocean’s essence. Fascinated by the everchanging colors of the sea, she mimics the light and shadows of water and waves. Through transparent layers of resin and sand, Vanderspuy creates realistic depth and a visceral memory of the sea.

Living abroad for most of her early life, Vanderspuy’s family finally settled in Australia where she went on to study graphic art. After her studies, Vanderspuy became a successful graphic designer in Canada and Australia. In 1982 she established her own graphic arts studio – which won many awards within its field. Never forgetting her love for painting, Vanderspuy passionately worked on her ocean paintings during her successful commercial career. Recently she has opened her own gallery in Northbridge, Australia.

 Martine has experimented with a variety of mediums. Resin has become her favorite and principal medium of experimentation and creativity. The fluid nature of resin makes it extremely difficult to work with; it constantly shifts and moves, which makes it difficult to capture the color and fluidity of the final composition. By applying multiple layers, the resin creates vibrancy, color, and clarity, the shadows have depth and the glint of light on water. The tactile nature and depth of the resin almost allow you to step into the  artwork. Martine aims to create artworks that lift people’s spirits by viewing the ever-changing ocean, creating a window to the sea.

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