Selected Works

Marcin Owczarek, born in 1985. Lives and works in Belgium.

My art is dedicated to the relationship between Man, Animals, and Nature. I focus on animal rights, wildlife conservation, climate change, and the condition of our fragile Planet. ​ My works attempt to provide a strong impact: visually, mentally, and emotionally. To observe. To document. As a result to show the current condition so that we become more aware of the various dangers faced by wildlife, human beings, and the future of our world. We are all connected, people, animals, nature…as a one living organism.

My work is expressed in a surreal language because I want to clash the rationality and irrationality to find deeper meanings of life. By creating poetic and philosophical works I want the viewers to interpret my art according to their own life experiences. I tell a story about the best and worst aspects of human existence. There are always many stories behind each work. You can explore as many meanings as the human and spiritual eye might perceive.

 By using various symbols, allusions, metaphors, allegories, I want my art to be interpreted on many levels. Therefore you can also notice that there are many smaller images in one image I finish. These subtle meanings tell you – you can open as many doors as you want and interpret my collages day after day in a different way. Possibilities are endless.

To tell the truth, I believe that by creating art that transmits serious meanings and subjects, artist has the power and influence to force them to reflect on themselves and our planet. Point the attention to significant problems that the world currently deals with. In this way for example my work “In Search of Utopia” refers to the creation of a better world, “home” and respect for all living creatures. No doubt, nowadays the world is facing serious problems: plastic pollution, climate change, animal extinction. In our hands is the decision if we regard and treat our planet as a place to use and exploit or we prefer to search and by our acts – to build Utopia, in ourselves, in our minds, in this world. The world is filled with wisdom, respect, responsiveness, loyalty, and trust for us and future generations. Is Utopia only a beautiful word, a dream place? or maybe when we as a humanity start to search and approach Utopia physically, spiritually, and mentally, this beautiful dream one day becomes reality?