Selected Works

Luis Buendia was born in Guadalajara Jal, Mexico, on July 6, 1977.

Since he was a child he began to make sculptures with plasticine, his talent was such that he was encouraged to participate in the contest “the child and the Sea”, in which he was the finalist. in which he was a finalist. In 1989 he entered high school where he again excelled in the arts and also in boxing, a sport to which he began to dedicate himself in 1993. There he met a character of the sport and the arts. Eddy Castle was a turning point in his career because when he saw the talent of Buendia, he induced him to dedicate himself to the plastic arts. In 1996 he enters the school of the cultural institute cabañas to study for a diploma in sculpture and painting, and before finishing he meets master Alejandro Colunga, who invites him to collaborate as an assistant at his side, telling him that if he wanted to dedicate himself to painting, he should leave school and follow him. He assists the master Alejandro Colunga for 12 years at his side. Fogueándose and finding the passion professionally and important to achieve excellence in their strokes. Master Buendia shows in a classical way and in exquisite proportions serene faces that invite you to reflect on the passage of time. His lights and shadows create a corporeal entity where you can feel the calm and strength accompanied by mystical touches. His talent has been the key that opened the doors of great galleries and privileged spaces in Mexico, and that same key is leading him to great success to conquer foreign markets.

Luis Buendia is undoubtedly already an indisputable figure in a painting. With his expressionist realism, he has demonstrated a mastery that elevates him among the greats. His stylistic and thematic inspiration puts the expression of feelings first, he easily makes the viewer feel deep emotions when contemplating his work. This painter and sculptor has a very own style, he has developed a technique over 25 years. His work is not limited to oil or acrylic, Buendia is linked to the canvas in a very different way than others. He is a master in the handling and incorporation of different materials, with which he manages to give a force that contrasts with the calm looks of his characters. In his works, we can always find a refined technical character and great skill.