Selected Works

Johann Perathoner is a French artist, born in Paris in 1986. Johann is influenced by the work of artists such as Charles Fazzino and James Rizzi. but his main inspiration is the energy of big cities, which is the primary subject of his work.

Through his rich and colorful 3D pieces, he tries to retransmit the energy and the dynamism of the big metropolises such as New York, Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore. He is interested particularly by the link between nature and architecture in these cities. To makes his 3D compositions, Johann uses about 100 different textures, rhinestones and false diamonds to make his pieces as active as the cities he is trying to replicate. His work captures not only the look but energy of the cities he chooses to represent. More than 1000 hours are needed to make works like ‘Dubai’, decorated with 2000 rhinestones and gemstones.

Lively squares, congested boulevards, crossroads or immense station concourses where millions of people cross paths, brush against one another and forget each other. Johann Perathoner’s cities invoke teeming swarms of men and absorbed by their lives, ignoring their surroundings, dreaming of future and success. New York, Paris, London, Dubai or Singapore are scene as sublimated stepping stones. Some people will stay, others will continue to wander.

It is easy to get absorbed into the colorful worlds of Perathoner, his works are an oasis for the mind and imagination.