Selected Works

Joël Moens de Hase is a contemporary Belgian artist born in Brussels in 1959. He has always flourished in creativity. Before embarking on the artistic adventure, he chose the entrepreneurial world, creating several companies that he grew and sold.

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Now, he juggles between two activities that everything opposes. But allow him to find its balance: one evacuates the tensions generated by the second: Art frees him of a life of businessman but also, art is a cathartic answer to existential and personal questions. No wonder, then, that the common denominator of Joël Moens’ works is this double-dimensioned reading, where simplicity coexists with complexity as well as tranquility with fuliginous.

In the background, thousands of photographic fragments of female curves. In the foreground, a picture full of intensity and sensuality, a symbol of intimacy, a face.

The photo mosaics of Joël Moens de Hase first started in 2011. They rapidly caught the interest of national and international audience, both were highly receptive. This digital art form, a contemporary alternative of pixel art and pointillism, has the ability to surprise and seduce through the originality and aesthetics of the concept.

His art reflects a digitalized and hyper-connected society. Those thousands of pictures composing the work echoes our overexposure to images, advertisement and erotic representations that invade us on a daily basis. This duality between small and large pictures opens minds and thinking, ultimate goal of the artist.

Through his artistic approach, Joël Moens de Hase devotes a cult to women, to love and sensuality or, “to love embracing an infinity of forms but that can also be embodied in one and same individual“. He places freedom at the center of his work, through the highlighting of the liberated woman or as a vector of freedom.