Selected Works

Idan Zareski is a Franco-Israeli artist who was born in Haifa, Israel, and currently resides and works in France, Costa Rica, and Miami. His life has been anything but conventional, at a young age, he wasimmersed in multiple cultures and lived a life rich in travel between Africa, Europe, the United States,and Latin America. He speaks several languages fluently, including French, English, and Spanish. At the age of 38, he made the bold decision to abandon everything and pursue his passion for sculpture.

Following the release of his Bigfoot Family series, Idan quickly gained global recognition as an artist and especialy for his monumental sculptures. Born from his passion to promote cultural awareness and tolerance worldwide, the Bigfoot family has gained worldwide notoriety spreading its message of unity. Idan has a great talent for representing emotions. His sculptures are touching and graceful. The artist manages to capture the moment in such a way that it naturally connects us to his work.

The human body has been modeled, shaped, and deformed through the centuries by countless sculptors, but Idan’s innovative artistic expression has managed to reinvent it while preserving these powerful emotions that touch us. According to Idan, “the Bigfoot family’s oversized feet act as our roots a reminder of our past, they are our anchor, and connection to the same planet we all inhabit.”

Idan’s talent as a sculptor is all the more remarkable as he never received formal training in art or anatomy. His creative impulse was an irresistible need and desire that he couldn’t ignore.. “I do not sketch nor plan my sculptures. My experiences and emotions are my only guide. When I work, I feel in absolute communion with a force greater than myself.” Idan shapes his creations with clay, his preferred material. In his studio, you will find the same tools used by ancient master sculptors, plaster molds, clay, and ancient sculpture tools. “I am always amazed that emotions can not only take shape but be shared, without a word… in absolute silence.”

Idan’s work has been exhibited in several countries, including France, Italy, Canada, Panama, Monaco, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Colombia, Taiwan, and the United States. His sculptures have been displayed at major art fairs and public places, as well as in various notable art collections and publications. His monumental sculptures, such as Bigfoot, The Babyfoot, La Nena, and Le Siffleur, have found homes in several cities worldwide.