Selected Works

Brandon Lewis, also known as ‘Lew’ is a designer, painter, and art enthusiast living in California. His love for street art and pop art collide, creating contemporary pop art harmony.

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His love for art started at a young age, and he would often doodle in notebooks and create designs. A brief stint in college led to Brandon making a few t-shirts and selling them to friends. It was then he realized that he did not like the idea of replicating the same idea over and over again for everyone to wear. The individuality was not there, so he stopped making t-shirts and just focused on designing art. His works include influence from the modern world as well as figures and cartoons from his childhood. Instagram has become one of his favorite art galleries. Musicians have been a major part of his work. The song lyrics often bring about images in his mind, which he brings to life with his art.

Song lyrics and cartoons from the 80’s and 90s provide inspiration and a deeper meaning to his artwork. The themes and content are being pulled and appropriated into all forms of our current time, creating a new reflection of the old. Paying respect to images of the past, while bringing out their modern day relevance is seen throughout many of his creations.

Lew’s use of humor and satire are a big part of what makes his pieces his own. With a unique blend of fine art and satire he is constantly presenting the art world with his fresh take on what can be art.