Selected Works

A#X aka Alex Marchety was born in July of 1990, originally growing up in Southern California, he now lives and works out of San Francisco. A#X is a mixed media street artist who works in both two-dimensional media as well as sculpture. His work often combines found objects, spray paint, prints, and diamond dust.

His work has an emphasis on current consumer culture and iconography with a mix of the earlier pop culture references that shaped his childhood.  His pieces often have a loud bright color pallet that demand the viewers’ attention, much like the logos he appropriates in his work. Like many graffiti works there is a personal and very humorous element to A#X’s work, often putting his opinions or subconscious thoughts on display.

Street art has always been a fast-paced art form, ever since the 1970s when its popularity rose, it began exploding across city walls and streetcars. Due to its underground origins and the risks involved with its production, it has taken decades to evolve into the beloved genre in the contemporary art world. What was once something a lone artist had to do in the dead of night, has now become a validated art form and commercial success. A#X has recently started creating his work in live setting, which started when he took part in a charity event the annual ‘2019 Scholarship Galla’ put on by NHORA, National Hispanic Organization Real Estate Association.

He has also started doing larger collaborations with other local artists and friends often working as the artist collective VA, Vandals Association. Working with others takes his pieces back to the origins of this artform, where there was once a wall covered by different tags and artwork there are now artists working as one on a single canvas or space.

A#X has a motto “Stay Creative” often written as “$tay Creative”, it’s a mantra that reminds himself and others to keep pushing and keep creating more artwork. It is this saying that keeps him moving towards his work and next to his family has been the driving force behind his artwork.