Selected Works

Nemo Jantzen was born in 1970 in The Haque, Netherlands.

He grew up with a family of artists and musicians, being surrounded with this creativity which resulted in an early passion for visual arts. Jantzen studied art and design at the RTO Art Academy in Rotterdam, then he traveled the world and worked for several years as a graphic designer and billboard artist, in Antwerp, Belgium. These years of travel he spent developing his technique and style as a fine artist. Later Nemo finally settled down in Spain where he dedicated his career to the making and selling of fine art and since then has exhibited all around the globe.

Jantzen has sold work in galleries throughout Europe and the United States and has been presented at numerous international art fairs in London, Amsterdam, Singapore, New York, and Miami, his work can also be found in many renowned private and public collections around the world.

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