Selected Works

My work focuses heavily on a tongue-in-cheek style, where characters lead the narrative and meaning behind each image, with objects and recognizable pop-culture imagery helping to communicate ideas. A mixture of carefully thought out concepts and spontaneous situations, my work has two key styles. Most of my images are ironic and emulate a lot of my life and real situations/experiences. Many pieces focus on play on words and often start with titles that I find humorous, which evolve into an image that I personally find equally humorous. I make art for me, because I can’t bear not to spend my life creating seemingly silly images based around a pun that tickles me. My latest collection “MAKE AMERICA LOVE AGAIN”, is an insight into the mysterious truths sweeping the USA. Shot in and around Los Angeles, the series explores old Hollywood, captures spontaneous youth culture and sheds some personal vision on Donald Trump’s controversial 2016 presidential campaign.

“I try to keep things humorous and positive. I don’t really have strong opinions or a personal point of view I’m trying to get across, but more things that make me laugh with what’s going on in the world. I’m fascinated by characters rather than real life so I guess I try to tell stories that I find interesting, using themes and props that make things feel more fiction than reality.” – Jack Daly