Selected Works

Navon has always been surrounded by the world of art. Some people even say he was born in his parents framing gallery in South Tel Aviv. Since he was a child his parents would bring him the materials they used for the custom framing– wood, glass, cardboard and more— these were the toys of his childhood. His decision to complete a degree at Shankar in Industrial Design came as no surprise to anyone. Navon appreciates the studies there immensely, recognizing the value of the formal framework and professional tools that complement the exposure to the art world he has received informally from his family. Most recently, in addition to his industrial design projects, Navon has entered the world of photography and printing.

Yanai finds his inspiration by exploring the intersection between Art and Design. For him it is fascinating to play with the limits of each field to create new directions and create items that are familiar yet different at the same time. In the future, Navon hopes to be doing the same thing as he is now, just with more knowledge and a wider scope.

His recent series involves photographing urban scenes and manipulating the image to be more artistic; His work has been shown throughout Israel and abroad in multiple exhibitions.