Selected Works

Born in Europe in 1958, Tolla Inbar attended school in Stuttgart, Germany.  After finishing her studies in Germany, she left for Israel. Tolla went on to receive her Bachelor of Arts from Tel Aviv University, where she majored in psychology and sociology, both of which turned out to be significant sources of inspiration. In addition to receiving her Bachelor of Arts, Tolla furthered her studies later on with a focus on modern art.

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Through her mastery of bronze casting, Tolla touches the hearts and minds of many. Inspiring people is a major drive for Tolla’s sculptures. Focusing on collaboration, achievement, ambition, and fulfillment all encourage her audience to strive for a richer, more meaningful life experience that taps into our souls, not just our minds. Our place in the universe can be further explored and discovered through her work, and people from all walks of life cherish her artwork for this very reason. Her work is optimistically-oriented and provides a wide-ranging audience with easily relatable themes of the human journey.

Her spirituality drives her artistic creations, and she has said “The mental and physical satisfaction following the achievement of elegant design is a major motivation, but the relentless drive to create different expressions of the human spiritual quest for the divine invokes even greater satisfaction. As I attempt to examine our existence in the universe, I try to make people stop and take a moment to think about life. I believe we are fragments of a larger consciousness. We are not our bodies; we are our souls. This soul is a reflection of the universe, which motivates each of us to follow an individual path, to reach a collective goal through personal achievement. I believe in ‘spiritual optimism’ while walking this path; for me, the process of physical creation is intertwined with philosophical thoughts, resulting in interdependent growth of the mind.” – Tolla Inbar



Art Wynwood | 2017

Feb 16 - 20, 2017

Art Silicon Valley 2015

Art Silicon Valley | 2015

Oct 8 - 11, 2015