Selected Works

Born in Brescia, Italy in 1968, Stefano Bombardieri acquired his knowledge of artistic techniques and the use of materials from his father. At a young age he initially focused on figurative sculpture, being greatly influenced by the great masters of the 20th century, but his later experiments led him to develop a deeply philosophical approach to art, choosing to focus on themes such as time and its perception, and the experience of pain in Western culture.

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Bombardieri use characters such as sumo fighters, elephants, crocodiles, gorillas and hippopotami to convey his ideas. A rhinoceros hanging in mid-air, a vehicle crashed into a museum. His work starts from reality and then detaches from it, approaching fantastic universes and inner worlds. Aside from drawing inspiration from the great masters of sculpture, he is also inspired by the Arte Povera movement, a contemporary art movement. Stefano is able to set his animals/characters free in the city they are inhabiting such as museums, galleries, and city spaces. To sum up the vision of the artist is “urban art safari.” Stefano states that his work is a metaphor to say something else, as the title of the art would point out. All though it’s art, his characters are simply animals and nothing more, existing in peril and seemingly waiting for extinction.

Stefano Bombardieri questions the human gaze. He states that the human eye is useless if our daily life speaks of uselessness. He offers realities that are far removed from our lives, and ironies are presented with certitude. His art functions to lead the viewer to reflect on multiple things in mundane life.

Stefano is internationally know for his extra large installations that run from street to street in whatever city they find themselves in, and showcase them in large, monumental exhibitions.

Bombardieri currently lives and works in Italy, France and Germany.