Selected Works

Ryan Mulford (born May 14, 1987) is a contemporary mixed media artist and hybrid media painter.

He began his career as an award winning graphic designer and for over ten years Ryan created high profile work for leading advertising agencies and some of the biggest brands in the world.

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In 2010, Ryan began a transition towards contemporary art and developing his own distinct style—reinterpreting appropriated imagery and altering the context. His creative process is a unique fusion of vintage materials, digital technologies, and traditional mediums. Ryan is inspired by the The Golden Age of film, comics, and advertising. His work is meant to honor and uphold the past, and in part, pay tribute to some of the key figures of the first half of the 20th century. For his newest series, Mulford has developed a new technique that he calls hybrid media painting – a fusion of digital and painterly methods, the goal being to arrive at something that couldn’t be achieved without blending old technology with new. The series explores the concept that the past is slowly fading away, and regardless of celebrity or modern technology, eventually everyone and everything will be forgotten.

Ryan works and lives with his wife and son in Northern California.