Selected Works

Rachel Natan was Born in 1991 is originally from a small town in Israel. She currently lives and works out of a private studio in San Francisco, California.

Natan studied at the Avni institute in Tel Aviv under many famous artists and great teachers one of which was Gil Tzelner. Her time there piqued her interest in the great masters, which has been the greatest inspiration for her works. She loves painting homages to the great masters because of their great impact throughout the world and throughout the history of art.


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Most recently she has been mastering a technique unique to her, through her series of pop art and modern art icons. This technique is inspired by Pablo Picasso’s cubist movement. Natan focuses on color and shape to create recognizable images in cube like fields. Natan says that, “With cubism, I can break down forms and reconstruct them like a puzzle, and just like a puzzle it leaves room for imagination and gives space for a different perspective in each viewer.”

In the artist’s words, “Art is a freedom and it has the power to make a change in everybody.”

Natan enjoys exploring colors and the ways in which they interact with each other she does this through the usage of many different mediums, primarily, oil paints, acrylics, watercolors and charcoals.