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Odlaw has come a long way from originally identifying as a ‘closet artist’, someone who did not want to show their art to the world. This Los Angeles based painter uses Waldo/Wally, from the legendary Where’s Waldo series, as the main theme and inspiration. Artist’s mission is to unravel the mystery behind this character’s identity in relation to its position, inferences, and meaning.

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The artist grew up in the Seattle, Washington area, later adopting the name ‘Odlaw’, a play on Waldo backwards. While he was refining his style over the years, the author remembered his fondness for the Where’s Waldo books and comics. The reintroduction of Odlaw’s childhood icon is interpreted through a more contemporary pop art perspective, influenced by the likes of Andy Warhol as well as street art. Odlaw originally made artwork for his own private display but quickly attracted attention over social media platforms such as Instagram. With plenty of support and a growing number of followers Odlaw began painting professionally, seeing just how far he could take the beloved motif of Waldo. Odlaw’s paintings and drawings can be seen in many private and public collections, galleries and exhibitions, as well as at the charity events around the world. Odlaw currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.