Selected Works

Moshe Leider was born in the former Soviet Union in 1945. He initially studied at the Art Academy in the Soviet Union but left for Israel in 1978 and began studying at the Art College in Ramat-Hasharon.

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Moshe Leider often paints with water colors, acrylics and mixed media. His works are harmonious and multicolored pleasing backdrops, often there are chic women posing with parasols and wearing with large brimmed hats that reflect a long-ago era ignored by many contemporary artists. Moshe Leider now teaches art and displays his works throughout the world. Equally at home with watercolors, acrylics and mixed media. Moshe Leider’s use of colors and brush techniques in his watercolors capture light and reflections in an amazingly lifelike manner, while many of his acrylic on canvass and acrylic on paper works are thought-provoking and, some say, of a style similar to Picasso’s works.

For the past fifteen years, Leider has been celebrating his love for painting by teaching art and exhibiting in various collections throughout the world, including Israel, Canada,
France, Japan and the United States.