Installation Shots



ZK Gallery is proud to present Yann Houri’s solo exhibition Expressions.  features new paintings his creations invariably evoke strong emotional responses. Yann’s work beautifully captures the chaotic elements of human passion; however, Yann balances fieriness with tranquility through his subtle mastery of drawing. Perceptions of Yann Houri’s art are initially explained as a brilliant firework, as a chromatic explosion that is destabilizing yet intriguing, but nevertheless perfectly mastered.

The work of Yann Houri focuses on the complexity of the human subject and translates human emotions and time challenges into how we define ourselves in this mechanical and virtual age. The capture of each moment of life and each vibration is what human kind fails to admire in a contemporary lifestyle that pushes him to play constantly against time rather than cooperate with it in order to appreciate the present even before trying to plan the future and regret the past. His art interrogates our way to behave in a day to day life and put a strong emphasis upon the contemplation of the beauty of our own emotions and actions as present acts and vectors of energy. In an age where human creativity is data is comprised of reproducible code the works confront the viewer with the radical question of “What am I?”

With Expressions, Yann Houri brings not only the opposing and explosive powers of the feelings of others, but also of his own, out into the open.

Opening Reception – Thursday, March 12th at 6:00pm – 9:00pm