Samurai Cats - Hiro Ando

A selection of works by Japanese artist Hiro Ando, founder of the studio Crazy Noodles, who just recently added sculpture to his large spread of media and started working on a series of sculptures which were inspired by his Japanese popular culture. In this way, the cat, which in Japan is a lucky charm in the form of the Maneki-Neko, comes in a variety of traditional Japanese figures such as the Samurai or the Sumo. He translates this theme in a very modern way. The shiny and smooth materials, the bright colors, the sharp but rounded shapes of Hiro Ando’s sculptures take us to the world of Mangas in which the artist’s generation grew up in. The art of Hiro ANDO is the meeting between the Meiji era and the Manga, it is Shogun in Pokemon land, it is traditional Japan viewed through young eyes: it definitely is Japanese Neo Pop Art.

February 11
Art Wynwood 2016