Life In The Detail - Gil Goren

Selected works of Gil Goren. Advertiser, graphic designer, conceptual artist, senior creative director and manager of Design at Yehushua/TBWA, one of the leading advertising agencies in Israel. 

In 2009, on a sunny New York afternoon everything came together: the advertising messages, the typography, the colors, the layout, the richness of information, and the unstoppable movement of the city. All these aspects came together to create a process of creativity that resulted in the art of Gil Goren. Goren is a sort of modern, contemporary visual scribe, who creates collages that contain secret and encrypted codes whose messages provide a challenge for viewers to decipher. Goren’s artworks are all made by hand, and each piece is one of a kind. All artworks are based on original photographs, that are taken by Goren himself, and then printed directly on small pieces of wood.