Selected Works

Born in Russia in 1982, Vered Fishman immigrated to Israel as a child with her family in 1990. Fishman has been creating art from a young age, she found out early on that visual language was more natural and accessible for her so she began drawing and painting and never looked back.

Graduating with a BA in Multidisciplinary Art, and taking private instruction with her mentor Galina Mazin, Fishman also has an MA in Art Therapy and today creates her own art and works as a therapist at a rehab center. She believes that art has the power to heal and to contain and soothe a wide spectrum of emotions.

Fishman developed her own personal technique which begins with injecting random colors on the canvas, and only when the background is completed she, along with her patients who practice alongside her, create the final image.

All of her paintings combine order and disorder, fine tuned images and raw emotional abstractions. The controlled and the uncontrollable as a resonance for her soul which encompasses all of it.