Selected Works

Monica Temporiti was born in 1978.

She studies advertising and editorial graphics in Milan, and worked professionally in the publishing world.
Since 2010 Temporiti has been basing her work off of the national and European abstract-geometrical avant-garde, with references to American Minimalism.

The lines, which run through her work are harmonious and rational compositions. Temporiti’s work is always well structured, using cotton threads or canvas strips, she applies to the canvas. The ‘Divine Proportion’, exhibition, held in 2015 at Palazzo Chigi of Viterbo, documents the importance of the mathematical principle in the subdivision of the surface in the artist’s works.

From 2014 to today, Temporiti’s work has seen major developments, being featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions, as well as a constant presence of her works in national, European and American art fairs.
In June 2017, she debut her work in Germany with the exhibition ‘Proporzioni / Proportionen Monica Temporiti’, at Frankfurter Westend Galerie, Frankfurt, Germany.

Linearity, balance, elegance are the peculiar characteristics of the geometrical abstractionism of Monica Temporiti. A refined simplicity closely linked to the type of technique used in her works; acrylics on canvas with applied stripes of fabric, which give its compositions a light three-dimensionality and contribute to achieving a perfect balance of color.