Selected Works

Luc Dratwa is best known for his series of photographs taken from the 76th floor of Rockefeller Center with a view of the Empire State Building in New York City. In his photographs, Dratwa is able to catch people as they gaze at the astonishing views. The images consist of three planes: the character, the window and the city, brought together through Dratwa’s lenses. He has been featured in exhibitions in Rome, Paris, Tokyo and New York. Dratwa was born in 1958, and currently resides in Brussels, Belgium.

An autodidact, he became editor of the design and architecture magazine “Domino,” and has always had a passion for the arts. He enjoyed painting as a young man, but later turned to photography, a process he describes as finding his vocation.

He explains his passion, “Among all media, photography is the only one that allows you to make a departure from the real world. It allows you to move towards a whole other sublimated reality. With photography, the blank page, canvas or space simply doesn’t exist. Removing oneself from actuality to arrive at another reality is intoxicating. Photography is simple – and that is what makes it so complex!”

He has a number of influences and says that he draws inspiration and creative strength from the heritage of Baroque painters and in the work of Edward Hopper, Meyerowitz and even from writers. For Luc Dratwa, every subject he tackles is as much a story as it is a photographic work. “I write stories, where others would translate them into music, poetry or novels. I tell my stories on photo paper”