Selected Works

Lauren Jade Szabo is a Los Angeles born artist who has been painting for over 20 years. She grew up in a suburban environment where earthquake and fire were frequent threats. When Lauren was a child she experienced a large earthquake and the aftershocks that followed. The walls of her family home became cracked and their possessions displaced. She had never seen snow fall in the winter living in Los Angeles, but she had experienced ashes falling from the sky during the summer fires. She experienced having to remain inside her home in order to breathe clean air and wondered if her family may need to evacuate. These moments have shaped the content of her art. Lauren has been expressing the friction between civilization and nature for ten years. During her thesis at California College of the Arts she began a series of works focusing on California’s inhospitable environments. She and her sister began taking road trips seeking inspiration for painting and photography. Lauren’s paintings are composed of man-made objects, reclaimed by nature. Her pictures remind us that life is fragile and constantly changing. Some of her most frequent subjects are furniture, buildings, transportation, and technology all of which are in a state of decay or obsolescence. Motivated by travel, history, and natural light, Lauren’s intention is to capture her experience of a location. She believes that the world is full of untapped inspiration to evoke her painting, and will continue to chase her art.