Selected Works

Christopher Dydyk first seriously began taking photographs at the age of 13, by simply documenting the beauty he saw in nature. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a B.S. in Bio psychology, he decided to pursue his passion of photography and he attended the Brooks Institute of Photography.  It was during this tenure that he was given the opportunity to photograph the cover of a soon to be best-selling book, “The Man Who Listens to Horses.”  A couple of years later, the book “Shy Boy, The Horse That Came In From The Wild” was published with over 100 of his photographs. This book went on to become a worldwide best seller.

“Plainspoken yet powerful – A remarkable story – Dydyk’s breathtaking color photographs capture the rugged majestic terrain while exploring, without sentimentality, the spirit of nobility and freedom that the horse represents in [our] collective psyche.” – Publishers Weekly – April 12, 1999

Christopher Dydyk’s latest series, his “impressions,” focus on city life.  He states:

“Traditional photography is beautiful and is at the foundation of my work. However, for me today, it lacks the multidimensional to fully express the sensations of energy and joy that I often feel when looking upon a city scene.”

To overcome these limitations, he developed a technique that better expresses both space and time, as well as the feelings he has when experiencing them. To create his pieces, multiple angles are taken of the same subject and overlaid, digitally, eliminating certain elements while highlighting others. His final pieces seek to capture the four dimensions (that are space and time) to more fully reflect the actual experience of “seeing.”

“What you have done with layering multiple photographic images to create an impression of a moment in a seemingly non-photographic form is nothing short of creative brilliance. I love it.” – Musquez, Art Director

Christopher Dydyk’s work has been featured in publications worldwide — Random House North America, Harper Collings — USA, Lubbe — Germany, Gran Bretagna de Hutchinson — Italy, Penguin, Albin Michel — France, Aschehoung Dansk Forlag — Denmark, Euro Media — Checkoslovakia, Chivers Press — England, Media Rodzina — Poland.

His works are also in public and private collections around the globe, including Windsor Castle, England and Harvard Law School in Cambridge, MA.