Selected Works

Originally hailing from the suburban São Paulo city of São Caetano, Alex Korolkovas was born in 1969, and studied Advertising at the Methodist University of São Paulo. In 1992, at the beginning of this career, he moved to California. He truly began his photography there, continuing his studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Korolkovas had a ten-year stint living in California, before returning to Brazil to further develop his craft, becoming an established name with his trademark use of sexually charged photographs, bringing an edgy eye to fashion shoots, a fashion-informed approach to nudes, provocative fine art, and advertising campaigns. 

Korolkovas became the assistant to many famous photographers including Earl Miller, know for his American erotic photography. In 2014 he was among the Top 10 fashion creatives in a contest held by Casa de Criadores and in 2006 was nominated for the Abril Prize of Journalism for a ‘photo essay’ he did for VIP Magazine. In 2016 he returned to the US, winning the Visual Press Award in Florida in the Fine Art Photography category. Korolkovas is well known for his work of The Valentina exhibition, A tribute to the 50 years of Guido Crepax’s erotic comics with 14 images in methacrylate, a video art projection based on the model Barbara Nogueira and Brazilian television celebrity Adriana Moura. The exhibition earned him another Visual Press Award in 2017, for Best Solo Exhibit.

His fashion clients are some of the elite designers at São Paulo Fashion Week, including Reinaldo Lourenço, Gloria Coelho, Pedro Lourenço, Cecilia Echenique, CAVALERA, Acqua Studio, Douglas Harris and Bridal Couture’s top designer Lucas Anderi. 

He continues to create and collaborate with other artists as well as the help of his subjects, remaining open to new ideas and seeking out inspiration from places that others might write off as problems. He currently lives in New York with his wife Mariana.